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Devereux Recognizes Direct Care Professionals

(Devereux Florida)

L-R; Steven J. Murphy, Executive Director Devereux Florida; Trevor Matthews, Program Coordinator; Wendell Normile, Intensive Residential Treatment Center Director

At Devereux Florida, we know the care we provide for thousands of children and families would not be possible without our hard-working, skilled direct care professionals. Each year, Devereux Florida shows its gratitude during “Direct Care Professionals Appreciation Week.” This year, the team’s thanks and recognition at the Viera Campus came in the form of suds and sponges, as everyone from program coordinators to therapists to Executive Director Steve Murphy rolled up their sleeves and washed the direct care team’s cars. Over the course of four hours, volunteers at the Viera Campus washed about 50 cars. “Our direct care professionals are the most important element of the top quality treatment we provide,” said Intensive Residential Treatment Center Director Wendell Normile. “We can't thank them enough for all they do for the kids in our care."

The team at Devereux Florida’s Orlando Campus recognized their team throughout the week, as well. On Monday team members came together with their clients to host a pep rally to cheer on their Direct Care Professionals. Throughout the week team members gave tokens of appreciation through snacks, potluck lunch, awards and gifts. Orlando Campus Program Director Robin Poole stated “Our Direct Care Professionals truly felt appreciated. We are going to try to do snippets of the same to show our appreciation all year long."

Front Row L-R; Kristen Hopper, Clinical Supervisor; R.J. Poole, Program Director; Marjorie Williams, Direct Care Professional; Frankie Ford, Direct Care Professional; Morris Bouie, Shift Supervisor


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