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Florida Development Manager - Daniel SamuelsDevereux Florida Development Manager Daniel Samuels has been selected to receive the Weaver E. Palmer Leadership Promise Fellowship, a national award presented by the Devereux Foundation to an employee who demonstrates outstanding leadership potential. Since joining the organization in 2008, Dan has worked with energy and enthusiasm to increase Devereux’s resources, including volunteers, funding and donations such as school supplies and holiday gifts. He was nominated by Executive Director Steve Murphy for his tireless work on a variety development projects, including the United Way campaign, golf tournament and revitalization of the Orlando Advisory Board. As Devereux Florida Clinical Director Dr. David Ott says, “Dan has remarkable leadership and relationship-building skills, but what impresses me most is his unmistakable passion for Devereux and its mission.” Through the fellowship, Dan will pursue a Master’s degree in Business Administration to help advance his goals of long-term career development at Devereux Florida. Congratulations, Dan!

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