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Family Team Conferencing Program Earns 98 Percent Satfisfaction


How do we know the Devereux Kids Family Team Conferencing (FTC) program is a success? Because the families who take part in the program tell us so! In the past 18 months, 98 percent of the North Central Florida families who take part in the program report satisfaction. FTC provides challenged families the opportunity to work in partnership with Devereux facilitators. Together, the team outlines a family support plan that addresses potential child abuse or neglect. The family then acts on the plan, receiving guidance and follow-up counseling as needed. The program’s unique aspects include the connections it provides to community resources that ease families’ financial challenges. Families are linked with support services and necessities such as discounted rent, furniture, household appliances, car repairs and exterminator services, as well as support from faith-based or neighborhood groups.  Click for more information about FTC.

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