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Glenholme Honors Outstanding Staff

Washington, CT

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Natasha and students
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Natasha's dedication, creativity, and enthusiasm have made her a vital member of  The Glenholme School.
Natasha is Honored
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In an early December ceremony, Natasha was awarded the Thomas F. Donovan Culture of of Caring Award by Glenholme Director of Treatment Fidelity, Karen Pugh.
An Ever-Present Smile
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Natasha's ever-present smile and positive “can do” attitude are a few qualities that make her an exemplar for the entire Glenholme community.
Washington, CT - Each year, The Glenholme School honors an outstanding direct care staff member with the Thomas F. Donovan Culture of Caring Award. Throughout his Devereux career, Thomas Donovan emphasized the importance of treatment expertise and innovation in a caring, supportive environment. A loyal supporter of Devereux, Mr. Donovan was elected to the Devereux Board of Trustees in May of 1989, became Vice Chairman in 1992, and served as Chairman of the Board from 1997 to November of 2002. He remains an active member of the Board to this day.

To honor Mr. Donovan's steadfast commitment to Devereux's mission, the Devereux Board of Trustees established the Thomas F. Donovan Culture of Caring Award in 2002. This annual award recognizes the outstanding personal and professional service of one direct care staff member from each Devereux center who typifies the spirit of caring that has long been the hallmark of Devereux’s 100-year legacy.

The Glenholme School is proud to announce that its 2011 Thomas F. Donovan Award recipient is Natasha Van Geersdaele. As a residential staff for just over a year, Natasha’s dedication, creativity, and enthusiasm have already made her a vital member of the Glenholme community. She diligently plans engaging, fun, and therapeutic activities and outings for students, while always paying close attention to each student’s treatment goals. Respected by students and colleagues alike, Natasha is flexible, resourceful, and considerate to those around her. Her ever-present smile, positive “can do” attitude, and willingness to go the extra mile make her an exemplar for the entire Glenholme community. Congratulations, Natasha, on this much deserved award!

The Glenholme School is a therapeutic boarding school for young people who are often considered fragile and complex, diagnosed with Asperger's, ADHD, PDD, OCD, Tourette's, depression, anxiety as well as learning differences. The program provides a treatment milieu designed to build competence socially and academically. Our learning environment supports and enhances the ability for young people with special needs to succeed. For more information about The Glenholme School and its program, visit http://www.theglenholmeschool.org/. Devereux Connecticut.
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