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The Big Green Truck: A Campus Treat

Washington, CT

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A plethora of pizza
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Students and staff enjoyed a campus treat - The Big Green Truck.
Gelatto brings glee
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Hunter waited happily for the delightful gelato dessert.
Glenholme Chorus on Stage
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Matt, James and Austin enjoyed their gelatto while sitting on the bumper of the Big Green Truck.
Washington, CT - The Big Green Truck catered to campus on Wednesday, June 8. The traveling wood-fired brick oven pizzeria treated the entire campus to an assortment of gourmet pizza, salad, soda, icy-sweet gelato, and cappuccino.

A plethora of toppings complimented the handmade, gooey, thin crust pizza. Several favorites included mashed potato and bacon, garlic bread, buffalo chicken, bacon and sausage, chicken and spinach, and eggplant with carmelized onions. For dessert, students had their pick of delicious coconut, mango, chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, or lemon gelato.

The outdoor feast was a big hit with the staff and students alike. One student gushed, “I love this gelato. I couldn’t have asked for anything more refreshing than this on a hot day.” Another student simply commented, “This is absolutely fantastico.”

We extend our deepest thanks to the generous and creative families who supported this impromptu Live Auction idea: Development Board members Rick and Debbie Doucette and Doug and Ellen Bowen, and Glenholme parents Richard and Janet Livingston, Roy and Claudia Loomis, and Kevin and Connie Michels. One student expressed our sentiments well in his thank you note to the donors: “Lunch was quite enjoyable, but it would have been better if your presence was there.

The Glenholme School is a therapeutic boarding school for young people who are often considered fragile and complex, diagnosed with Asperger's, ADHD, PDD, OCD, Tourette's, depression, anxiety as well as learning differences. The program provides a treatment milieu designed to build competence socially and academically. Our learning environment supports and enhances the ability for young people with special needs to succeed. For more information about The Glenholme School and its program, visit http://www.theglenholmeschool.org/. Devereux Connecticut.
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