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Parent Appreciation Week is a big hit

Washington, CT

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Parent Appreciation Weeks
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Glenholme's first annual Parent Appreciation Week honors every parent's dedication to their child.
Thank You
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Students and staff form together to create a special thank you for parents.
Washington, CT - Glenholme kicked off its very first annual Parent Appreciation Week earlier this year. The response has been nothing shy of sensational. The special week of January 2-10 was filled with many wonderful ways in which we help parents share in their child’s experience at Glenholme. The continuum of phone calls, emails, cards, poems, and fun ideas to assist in the sharing of the precious parent-child time together, along with a local vendor supported lottery were designed to acknowledge the tireless effort parents freely give to raising a child.

The response was incredibly positive and demonstrated how the power of reaching out builds strong relationships. Even a simple email can be incredibly powerful. Parent Appreciation Week is a new Glenholme tradition, the honoring of each and every parent’s dedication to their child. We at Glenholme recognize that commitment and how the exchange between school and families is vital to a child's development. We look forward to continuing this tradition and by the feedback we have received, our parents look forward to this as well.

Here are just a few thoughts from Glenholme parents,

Awe, what a great idea!!! Please pass along to everyone involved in this idea that it such a joy to see the school, board, staff, and especially our children do such a nice thing. It is so obvious there has been a lot of time and hard work to put this together. I love this week!!!! Thanks again, Lori

I LOVE this!!! Tissues please! Thanks Janet

Ms. Black, Thank you for your great note! It's nice to hear that Alex is opening up. I'm sure that the great Glenholme staff has a lot to do with it -- as a matter of fact, when I dropped Alex off on Sunday evening he told me you're one of his favorite people -- and was looking forward to seeing you! Regards, Susan

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