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Glenholme Celebrates Heritage Day

Washington, CT

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Jean rides side saddle
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Jean White Van Sinderen pictured riding side saddle during the early days at the Glenholme Farm.
Nursery at Glenholme
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A selection from the nursery when Glenholme was a world-renowned horse farm. Photo circa 1937.
White Holme Dedication
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The Van Sinderen family continue to support the school through the years. In 2001, a new boys cottage was built in honor of Alfred Van Sinderen, Glenholme Advisory Board Founder and Chair, and named Whiteholme in honor of his mother, Jean White Van Sinderen.
Washington, CT - Few places are blessed with citizens of the caliber equal to that of the Van Sinderen family. It is their legacy of caring that lives on in Glenholme. Formerly a world-renowned horse farm, Glenholme was transformed in 1968 into a school for children with special needs when Jean White Van Sinderen donated the 105-acre family property to the Devereux Foundation.

Mrs. Van Sinderen had explained her choice at a Washington Town Meeting, “I thought very much about what I might do with the property. I wanted to do something for children, because children had always been the main interest in my husband’s life. I knew it was something that would please him, and my children agree with me. So that is way I chose Devereux."

Over the last 40 years, Glenholme has gained an international reputation for excellence by providing an exceptional learning environment and value-based education for thousands of children. The enduring values of caring, respect for others, and civic responsibility remains an integral part of Glenholme’s daily learning and living and is the focus in the school’s Heritage Day celebration.

Glenholme children will celebrate Heritage Day on February 28th, the birthday of Jean White Van Sinderen, who was born on that day in 1888. A traditional Glenholme Farm dessert of vanilla ice cream and crispy lace cookies, one of our founder’s favorite traditions, will be served in her honor.

The Glenholme School is an exceptional boarding school for students with special needs, which offers an individually prescribed learning environment with a steadfast academic curriculum. Using our effective individualized services, we apply a positive behavior support model focused on development of social skills and lifelong strategies for success. The school’s milieu therapy addresses varying levels of academic, social and special needs development in boys and girls ages 10-18 and postgraduates. We prepare graduates for continued education in traditional day schools, boarding schools, colleges and universities. For more information about The Glenholme School and its program, visit http://www.theglenholmeschool.org/.
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