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Glenholme Supports Autism Speaks' 5K Walk in NYC

Washington, CT

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The Glenholme choral group prepares for their performance at Autism Speaks' 5K Walk in NYC on June 13.
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The Glenholme choral group prepares for their performance at Autism Speaks' 5K Walk in New York City on June 13.
Singing strong during Autism Speaks
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Chris, Jake, Jakhai, Sam and Mike harmonize one of the melodies during their mid-day performance.
Autism Speaks
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The girls of the Glenholme chorus pause to take in the Autism Speaks' festivities on Pier 17.
Washington, CT - The Glenholme School supports Autism Speaks’ 5K Walk in New York City as a resource fair sponsor and performance participants. Autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder and nearly fifteen thousand united at the June 13th event, including Glenholme staff and students, to raise funds for vital research.

The twenty-two member student choral group and several staff members experienced the power of the NYC Walk Now event. The Glenholme group performed at the South Street Seaport “Pier 17” Stage as pinnacle part of the entertainment. Directed by the arts director Matt DeLong and accompanied by music teacher Bill Toy, they harmonized six melodies on the professional stage where hundreds of spectators and cause supporters applauded their performance, including several familiar faces of family and friends of the school.

The students of the Glenholme School, with their contagious enthusiasm for the event, are exceptional role models, participants and advocates of Autism Speaks and their mission. Autism Speaks’ effort in New York City has raised nearly $800,000 as of Tuesday, June 15th and the tally continues to rise. For ways to contribute or participating in an Autism Speaks event, visit www.walknowforautismspeaks.org.

The Glenholme School, a Devereux Center, is an exceptional boarding school for students with special needs, which offers an individually prescribed learning environment with a steadfast academic curriculum. Using our effective individualized services, we apply a positive behavior support model focused on development of social skills and lifelong strategies for success. The school’s milieu therapy addresses varying levels of academic, social and special needs development in boys and girls ages 10-18 and postgraduates. We prepare graduates for continued education in traditional day schools, boarding schools, colleges and universities. For more information about The Glenholme School and its program, visit http://www.theglenholmeschool.org/.
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