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Washington, CT

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Art Exhibit - Rebecca
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Rebecca posed with one of her prized art pieces during the opening of her art exhibit on April 28.
Art Exhibit - Rebecca & Friends
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Rebecca's friends and supporters joined the  excitement of her art exhibition opening.
Center for the Arts May 2010
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Enzo's photography is exciting and creative. Here the artist posed with a personal favorite.
Art Exhibit - Enzo & Friends
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Enzo is joined by a group friends and art enthusiast who admired his work at the exhibit opening.
Washington, CT - The events are festive; the art is fresh and new. Everyone, from the artist to art instructor and even the art aficionado, is optimistic about the positive prospects of the new art exhibits in the Commons, that was so graciously transformed into an art gallery. Creativity abounds at Glenholme and three planned exhibits include Rebecca D, Enzo G, and the entire photography class, are just the start.

On Wednesday, April 28 when Rebecca premiered a beautiful selection of artwork; the late afternoon event was well attended and Rebecca beamed with excitement as so many students and staff showed their support and appreciation of her work. Rebecca's artwork was on display until Monday, May 10, allowing many Glenholme parents who visited campus during Parents’ Weekend to appreciate her talent. The successful art opening created a buzz for Rebecca’s work. She was commissioned for her first piece and her artwork was sold in an on-campus auction, providing her with resources as she embarks on her career as an emerging artist.

The Commons was crowded with a great number of art enthusiasts for Enzo’s first photography exhibit on Wednesday, May 12. The air was full of anticipation; Enzo’s art work was creative and exciting. His photographic talent and style clearly depict the unique characteristic that make photography a desired art medium; that is its ability to accurately record and portray the visible, material world. The support for the artist’s efforts was clearly evident. Enzo actively engaged the enthusiastic exhibit-goers, shared the meanings behind his photography efforts, and answered many inquiries about his work and future in the arts. As a senior, Enzo will graduate in June and commence on a college career close to his home where he intends to minor in photography. It was a fantastic first exhibit for Enzo and the prospects for a future in photography are promising.

Art exhibits are wonderful venues for Glenholme students to experience the life shaping power of the arts. Linked to the Positive Behavioral Supports, the arts program is designed to impact positively on each individual in both artistic skills and social competencies that will assist them in mastering their treatment plan goals and lead them to a brighter future. When visiting the campus, stop in the Commons and enjoy the talents of the students at Glenholme. The art exhibits are scheduled to show through mid-June.

The Glenholme School, a Devereux Center, is an exceptional boarding school for students with special needs, which offers an individually prescribed learning environment with a steadfast academic curriculum. Using our effective individualized services, we apply a positive behavior support model focused on development of social skills and lifelong strategies for success. The school’s milieu therapy addresses varying levels of academic, social and special needs development in boys and girls ages 10-18 and postgraduates. We prepare graduates for continued education in traditional day schools, boarding schools, colleges and universities. For more information about The Glenholme School and its program, visit http://www.theglenholmeschool.org/.
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