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Gwen Skinner Comes On Board as Executive Director in Georgia


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Gwendolyn B. Skinner is a name well known in Georgia for her extensive work in mental health, juvenile justice and state government. In September, she joined the Devereux Georgia Treatment Network as executive director overseeing behavioral health services for children, teens and young adults. Devereux is honored to have such an accomplished leader join our work to empower children and families.

Devereux has undergone many recent changes, primarily due to legislative changes affecting our business model and a devastating economic down turn. “I’ve known Gwen for many years and she is definitely the right person to lead Devereux Georgia at this time,” commented Elizabeth Chadwick, esq., senior vice president for The Devereux Foundation, who has been served as interim executive director since February.

“Children are our most precious resource for the future” stated Gwen, “and our business is to provide excellent care for our most vulnerable children.”

Devereux Georgia provides residential and community-based services for children, ages 10 to 22, suffering from severe emotional and behavioral challenges. There is also a specialized program for boys with intellectual and learning challenges. Some of the programs designed to promote long-term success include accredited school and job training programs for youth in residential care. For more information about Gwen or the Devereux program, visit our website at


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