Cleo Wallace Expands Continuum of Care


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Devereux Cleo Wallace (DCW) is excited to share that over the past three months we have made great strides to ensuring that our clients are well prepared to successfully move back into their communities. Recognizing this tremendous need, a GED/Transition program was recently implemented. The goal of The Transitions Program is to prepare our clients with the necessary skills to successfully transition back into the community.

This exciting new program compliments our award-winning work experience program and further extends our continuum of care. The Transitions Program focuses on five domains: housing, employment, education, adult life functioning, and health and safety. The program enables our clients to receive classroom instruction and one-to-one personalized assistance to develop their individual portfolios. Each client who participates will learn the necessary independent-living skills to be successful once they are out on their own, in foster care or back with their family.

To support this initiative, the Westminster Legacy Foundation has announced that on December 18th, 2009 the DCW Transitions Program will receive a $4,000 grant. This funding is provided to assist with the purchase of specialized software targeted to GED preparation and independent-living skill development. Over the next year, we look forward to expanding and enhancing the program even further.


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