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Online Learning: A Proven Success

(Washington, CT)

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Online Learning: A Proven Success
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Glenholme staff are committed to the Virtual High School On-Line Learning Program with in-class monitoring and support.
Washington, CT - For the past year, Glenholme has partnered with Virtual High School; an On-Line Learning Program that has advanced many students in excelling in subjects and preparing them for the future. Like many high schools and colleges, Glenholme chose to participate in this by utilizing on-line courses in conjunction with traditional classes in an effort to provide students with greater opportunity and flexibility.

The results of the on-line learning environment have proven to be similar to in-class learning with 90% of all students performing well under virtual-learning conditions. The staff is committed to in-class monitoring and support throughout the school year. The feedback from the students and staff has been good so far. Some students prefer VHS because they have more of a say in what classes they choose to take as currently VHS offers over 100+ courses. Two students have completed honor courses, while many others have taken courses in Algebra, History, Math, English, Music History, Computer Programming and Mythology. Not only does participation in this program provide the students with one more skill set to aid them in their future success, it also provides opportunities for the teaching staff. One Glenholme teacher has been certified to instruct for VHS and there are always additional teachers in every classroom.

It has been an exciting time for staff and students as the On-Line Learning Program has proven to be a success. There will be 16 students enrolling in online courses beginning this fall. Many hours were invested in researching and coordinating this effort. The future of learning is moving into the virtual world and Glenholme is keeping pace.

Devereux Glenholme is an exceptional boarding school for students with special needs, which offers an individually prescribed learning environment with a steadfast academic curriculum. Using our effective individualized services, we apply a positive behavior support model focused on development of social skills and lifelong strategies for success. The school’s milieu therapy addresses varying levels of academic, social and special needs development in boys and girls ages 10-18 and postgraduates. We prepare graduates for continued education in traditional day schools, boarding schools, colleges and universities. For more information about The Glenholme School and its program, visit http://www.theglenholmeschool.org/.


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