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Millwood Program Expands Adult Services

(New York)

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The Devereux Millwood program in New York has expanded into adult services in July of 2009. Since 1996, the Devereux Millwood Learning Center has been in operation, providing educational and behavioral services to 48 students with autism spectrum disorders from the ages of 5-21. In June of 2009, the second student “aged out” of DMLC, and he, along with four other young adults from other programs in Westchester County, became the first participants in the Devereux Millwood Adult Program. The Adult program is a blended service model of day habilitation without walls and enhanced supported employment. The five participants and their two staff members spend part of each week in the local community, volunteering at other non-profit agencies and completing preferred leisure activities. Each participant is also employed up to eight hours a week with staff support by a local business. We are so proud that, with parent support and participation, we have been able to maintain a seamless transition from school to adult services for these individuals.


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