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Massachusetts Center Drama Club Presents Another Great Play


Devereux Massachusetts
Rutland, MA - During the month of May, the Devereux Massachusetts drama club presented a series of five performances of the play, Lost in Yonkers. The entire production of this play represented an amazing journey of personal growth, team building, and risk taking in a therapeutic environment which represents the best that Devereux has to offer. After the success of the club’s first production, Clue, director and MA center child care worker, Rob Hawkins, challenged clients to undertake a more difficult production, which combined serious drama and comedy in dealing with real life issues. All the cast members and crew overcame significant obstacles to deliver a passionate, convincing, and moving performance.

Clients who acted in the play showed great dedication to memorize a large number of lines, maintain a heavy rehearsal schedule, learn blocking, unique ways of speaking, use facial/body expressions effectively and display a true /believable connection with their characters. The cast came together as a team whose members helped each other achieve their best.

All members of the Devereux MA community congratulate the cast and crew for delivering a series of consistently outstanding performances. This success shows that, with proper support, guidance and encouragement, we can all accomplish whatever we set our minds to do.


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