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Student's Business Plan Can Change The Way We Shop!


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Kennesaw, GA - The way Jennifer sees it, there is no need to have to try on clothes in a store or wonder if a new hair style is right for you. She has a business concept that uses the latest computer technology to create a virtual image of the shopper and readily show if an item is the right color and fit. It could mean a great shopping experience for everyone!

Jennifer was one of 28 Devereux students that participated in an entrepreneurship program sponsored by Kennesaw State University Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE). SIFE is an international organization that mobilizes university students to make a difference in their communities while developing the skills to become socially responsible business leaders. Kennesaw State University (KSU) has selected Devereux as one of their on-going community initiatives. For eight weeks, college students are on the Devereux campus to teach at-risk youth the principles of starting and owning their own businesses.

The program supports the goals of Devereux to help youth explore their many talents and to realize the unlimited possibilities for the future, said Christina Christiansen, education director and principal of The Devereux School. Our students learn to work as a team to develop a business concept, conduct research and prepare a business presentation. “First we have to come up with a vision for our company and then we have to identify a target market for the business,” one Devereux student said. “The KSU students are great teachers. They make us think about going to college one day,” another youth commented.

Juanne Greene, KSU management professor, said her college students are graded on how well they are able to manage and implement the project. “It’s a great partnership and we enjoy working with the Devereux students,” she added.

The finale is a competition held at the University. The Devereux teams present their business plans before a panel of judges. All the teams do a great job, which makes it difficult to select winners. There are first, second and third place prizes. Prizes include trophies, KSU t-shirts and hats, and a cash award for each team member.

Ray Mills, an instructor at Devereux, does a terrific job of getting the students ready and keeping them motivated. Ray serves on the Community Advisory Board for the KSU SIFE Program.

The Devereux Georgia residential campus serves youth, ages 10 to 21. The school, Ackerman Academy, is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.


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