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Act Now to Get Higher Charitable Gift Annuity Rates!

(Villanova, PA)

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Consider establishing a charitable gift annuity now so you can take advantage of the current higher payout rates! The rates will decrease February 1, 2009. On December 29, 2008, the American Council on Gift Annuities reviewed its maximum suggested charitable gift annuity rates. Because of the current recessionary economic climate, it approved lowering the suggested maximum rates as of February 1, 2009.

What does this mean for you?
You have a small window of opportunity to establish a charitable gift annuity that will guarantee you (and a loved one) receive a set annual amount and realize a larger payout rate. Gift annuities are a very popular life-income plan because they offer a combination of benefits that appeal to many donors:
  • Payments are fixed for lifetime, giving donors the security of stable, predictable cash flow;
  • They generally pay a higher rate than any comparable life-income gift;
  • Payments to annuitants are favorably taxed, including a portion that is paid as the tax-free return of principal;
  • Donors can use a gift annuity to exchange appreciated but low-yielding assets for a fixed, lifetime payment stream with no upfront capital gains liability;
  • Gift annuities are simpler to set up and administer than charitable trusts.
Want to learn more? We can help you and your financial advisor evaluate whether a gift annuity makes sense for you. Call Devereux’s Allen Thomas at 610-542-3040 now. Start the process to lock in a higher return before the rates drop on February 1st.


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