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Devereux Cleo Wallace Cougars
Care about self and others
Are responsible
Respect people and property
Encourage saftety
Westminster, CO - The Devereux Cougar basketball team played in a tournament at the Pepsi Center on Sunday November 30th. This was the DCW varsity basketball’s first competition and they not only played, but were undefeated, coming in at 6 and 0 and WINNING THE CHAMPIONSHIP AT THE PEPSI CENTER. The game was wild and crazy from the start. One Cougar player knocked over the courtside chairs diving for a ball and two Cougar players can now boast that they DUNKED at the Pepsi Center. The defense was scrambling from start to finish. After the tournament, the team stayed to watch the Denver Nuggets play the Huston Rockets.

“Our kids played their hearts out and stuck together through the ups and downs, what a thing to see.” Sam Benavidez, Therapeutic Recreation and Physical Activities Center Supervisor


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