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Whipple Hill

Devereux-Glenholme's New Community Parent Webpage (Washington, CT)

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Washington, CT - Whipple Hill is our exciting new mode of communication between the school staff, students and parents. It exceeds the functions of our previous parent web page and gradebook, SnapGrades. This web-based program provides a single venue for us to share on-campus news, details of the student’s daily activities and connections to our staff and resources. Notification was mailed to parents on September 9, which included a quick reference guide with all the navigational links and channels of this user-friendly site.

The navigational links and channels provide a quick and easy connection to the student’s on-campus activities, staff and much more. The My Groups and My Child’s Groups links provide access to the student’s courses, activities, dorm and advisor information. Other links specific to the student include Curriculum and Assignments. The Directory link allows parents to locate and contact staff members. Additionally, there is a campus-wide Calendar link and a News link for on-campus activities. The Downloads channel includes the school menu and the weekend special activities information, while the Performance channel connects to various graded assignments and report cards.

Whipple Hill can be accessed at http://www.glenholme.org/.

Direct any inquiries for assistance to fcass@devereux.org. As a new website for our school, it is undergoing many changes and we appreciate your patience.

Once you begin to explore Whipple Hill, we know you will be as excited as the team who put it all together.

The Devereux Glenholme School is an exceptional learning environment and boarding school for young people with special needs. Ideal for students, ages 10-18 at enrollment, with varying levels of academic, social and emotional development. The goal is to prepare our students for continued education in traditional schools and higher learning environments.


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