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The Glenholme School to Pilot an On-Line Learning Program

(Washington, CT)

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Washington, CT - The Glenholme School in Washington, CT, a Devereux program of excellence, has partnered with Virtual High School, VHS, to pilot an on-line learning program during the first summer session beginning July 7, 2008. Recently, more high schools and colleges are utilizing on-line courses in conjunction with traditional classes in an effort to provide their students with greater opportunity and flexibility.

Five students will each be enrolled in one course with VHS. Four students will be taking either pre-algebra or algebra course, while one student is making up a missed credit in US history. The on-line learning program provides the students with greater flexibility while providing The Glenholme School with greater diversification. The students’ excitement for the new program is encouraging.

The results of the on-line learning environment are comparable to in-class learning with 90% of all students performing well under virtual-learning conditions. The staff is committed to in-class monitoring and support throughout the summer session. The feedback from the students and staff will aid in developing support for future on-line learning program students, including the ten enrolled for the fall semester. Not only does participation in this program provide the students with one more skill set to aid them in their future success, it also provides opportunities for the teaching staff.

This summer, seven teachers are taking a course on Web-enhances instruction during the summer break. And one instructor will take courses to become a VHS teacher in the fall semester. A VHS instructor on staff will expand the on-line classroom opportunities to 25 students per semester and improve the virtual learning experience for the students.

It’s an exciting time for staff and students as the on-line learning program is rolled out. Many hours were invested in researching and coordinating this effort. The future of learning is moving into the virtual world and The Glenholme School is keeping pace. Look for future updates on The Glenholme School’s on-line learning program.


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