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Glenholme Awards Diplomas to Seven Graduates

(Washington, CT)

The Devereux Glenholme SchoolWASHINGTON, CT - In September 2004, The Glenholme School was granted accreditation by the New England Association of Schools & Colleges. This honor gave Glenholme the privilege to award its students diplomas upon completion of their high school education. The graduating class of 2005 became the first recipients of these diplomas.

Through hard work these students attained achievement, success, and finally, victory. And they are victorious, our seven graduates. Champions who have faced and conquered personal challenges.

The roots of Glenholme have always been an unwavering commitment to each child's future. Our base is motivational management coupled with values. We enhance that with a scope of encouragement, teaching, listening, modeling, caring, respect, and healing in areas of academics, socialization, creativity, physical and mental stimulants, the fostering of friendships, and always add the magic of fun. The dedicated Glenholme staff constantly reaches for better ways to inspire a child to overcome personal issues and find a path that will lead to the achievement, success and victory of what at one time seemed impossible: graduation.

Pride on graduation day is multi-leveled. At Glenholme, the cottage staff, faculty, and administrators let go of the students they have cared for and ministered to. Into the arms of family and friends, children who have grown into young adults celebrate the rewards of goals achieved and the possibilities of tomorrows.

Winners, all.


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