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Post Secondary Advising Program

The Glenholme School initiates new program (Connecticut)

WASHINGTON, CT - The Glenholme School has initiated a new program that will enable our upper classmen to understand and prepare for their educational goals upon graduation.

It has been the tradition of Glenholme for staff to sensitively guide our students to become valuable contributing members of their community. As the Junior and Senior classes prepare for post-secondary education or training after graduation, the advising program will facilitate the setting of realistic and achievable goals for their future.

The program is based on complete collaboration with academic faculty and residential staff, administrators, the student’s peers and parents. Working together, the graduating student will comprehend and increase their awareness of career, vocational, and independent living options. The program advisor will coach the student in making appropriate educational plans based on their current level of personal and academic progress as well as their special needs.

The program’s guidance curriculum component targets learning lessons on self-awareness, the world of work, labor market information, and educational and career planning.

From PSATs to college fairs to interview savvy to filling out dorm forms, the Post Secondary Advising Program will provide all Upper School students with guidance giving them an understanding of their inherent strengths and abilities as well as their specific needs in a caring and encouraging environment that prepares them to effectively function in an ever-changing society.


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