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Students rarin' to go as Hi Ho Silver Challenge Course officially opens


Hi Ho Silver Challenge Course WASHINGTON, CT - Students remained fired up even as Old Man Winter blew icy blasts across the Hi Ho Silver Challenge Course for their opening ceremony January 27. Three students demonstrated the Lower Hanging Pole exercise, spotted by boys from the Whiteholme cottage. Staff trained as ropes instructors encouraged and enlivened the enthusiastic group.

Parents received an earlier introduction to the dynamics of the Glenholme Challenge Course late last year after a ribbon cutting ceremony with the parents who donated the Challenge Course. So far, five staff have finished training on the course. A Safety Curriculum is in development to ensure complete protection for all students and staff while utilizing the course.

Last summer, Glenholme students confronted the excitement of a Rock-Climbing Wall, leased for a few days to add to the games of the summer program. One particular child shared his experience on the Wall with his parents. His dad, Neil Silver, had seen the application before and was also familiar with the Ropes Course program. Knowing the immediate rewards of such a course, he spoke with Gary Fitzherbert and a professional in the Ropes adventure. The three men walked the grounds, chose a site and the building began.

Elements of the circuit can be manipulated for group age and group size. The benefits and values of this kind of course include both team and individual building while challenging the child to get from one point to the next through strategy and planning to finally reach the end. Students, those who are natural leaders as well as those who are quiet and shy, share ideas that work, thus building confidence. Students become the safety net for others as spotters, consequently building trust. All work at the common achievement of fulfilling goals, overcoming challenges, building social and emotional bridges, and having fun, too. New fears are assuaged through the accomplishment of new skills, those of faith, trust and letting go. What words can offer more pride to parent and to child than “I did it!”

Thanks to the idea, proposal and financing by Mr. and Mrs. Neil Silver, the Hi Ho Silver Challenge Course will offer many years of enjoyment for all Glenholme’s children.


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