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Devereux Chief Medical Officer Receives AACAP Leadership Award

Dr. Marilyn Benoit receives Virginia Q. Anthony Outstanding Woman Leader Award for her commitment to the mental health needs of children in the foster care system and their families.

Devereux is pleased to announce that Dr. Marilyn Benoit, Devereux’s Chief Medical Officer and past President of AACAP (American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry) received the Virginia Q. Anthony Outstanding Woman Leader Award at the Academy’s 61st Annual Meeting in October.

Created in 2013 to celebrate the lifetime achievements of extraordinary women in the field of child and adolescent psychiatry, the award recipient is selected by AACAP’s President for her demonstrated talent, medical skills and leadership to dramatically improve the wellbeing of children with mental illness.  

During her leadership at AACAP, Dr. Benoit made it her “Presidential Initiative” to focus attention on the mental health needs of foster children and their families.  For this, as well as her outstanding leadership and continued contributions to AACAP, and to the profession, Dr. Benoit is proud to receive this award.  “Having had the opportunity to serve as President while working collaboratively and productively with Virginia Anthony, past Executive Director of AACAP, it is especially meaningful to humbly accept an award that honors her tremendous legacy of leadership at AACAP. Thanks to the Academy for affording me so many leadership opportunities over the years,” said Dr. Benoit.


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