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Make a Difference
As a supporter of Devereux Florida, you will be helping the children, adults and families with special needs by fostering their human potential. Help us continue to bring comfort and hope to those who need our special services. Donate Today!
Art Corner
Artwork created by a Devereux Florida child.
Art Corner
2nd Annual Winter Rendezvous
Join us for the "2nd Annual Winter Rendezvous, an Evening of Fire & Ice," being held at Wesche Jewelers in Viera, Florida on Friday, February 6th from 6:30 until 9:30 p.m.; all proceeds will go directly toward the support of Devereux Florida. Full Story >>

Getting to Know the Devereux Kids Program
Devereux Florida’s primary prevention program, called “Devereux Kids," was established in 1999 to involve all community residents in promoting the safety and well being of children at the neighborhood level. Full Story >>

On the Right Track Towards Independence
Alexander* first entered into the Devereux Florida Family Care program in August 2004. Diagnosed with Spina Bifida, he also showed signs of significant depression from issues surrounding his biological family and previous placement. Full Story >>

Beating the Odds
By anyone’s standards, Denise*, 18, is already a success. She finished her last day of high school on her 18th birthday and a few days later served as her graduating class’ salutatorian. Full Story >>

In the News
We are proud to say that more and more people every day are learning about Devereux - community awareness is our goal! In past weeks, we have had mentions in the and! Here are a few that you can visit:

Former Vanguard basketball player creating charity.

Dreams Come True
Written by a Devereux child

Keep your head up and be strong
when times are tough and you’ve been wronged.
We all have made some bad mistakes
or have done some things we wish we could replace.
We shall go on and forget the past
and live each day as if it was our last.
Some of us have been moved to so many different places,
but the good thing is we have all seen new faces.
We have been through different things
that caused us heartaches and so many pains.
Day after day, I have felt all alone,
still having no place that I could call home.
Throughout the years I have shed so many tears,
but the love of you people has calmed my fears.
I have tried my best to keep my pain inside,
because the good Lord knows how much I have cried.
Even though it is hard, we should never give in,
it is like we are in a race and pacing to win.
Think of the good and not the bad
and reflect on the good times that you know we’ve had.
Accept who you are now and let go of what you used to do.
It’s going to be hard, I struggle too.
Just hope for the best and don’t let anyone bring you down,
you are on the path to success, don’t turn around.
Stand up for yourself and continue to be you
and you will see one day that dreams do come true.
Upcoming Events
The 2nd Annual Winter Rendezvous

Join us for the "2nd Annual Winter Rendezvous, an Evening of Fire & Ice," being held at the Wesche Jewelers on Friday, February 6th. All proceeds will go directly towards the support of Devereux Florida in Brevard. Tickets for this elegant cocktail party are $75 each and include delicious martinis, fine wines, an open bar, as well as hot hors d’oeuvres by Farinas Catering.

Tickets are on sale now!

Please contact the committee members for more information: Melinda Palmese of Melinda Palmese Interiors, Dawn Clough of Red Comet Advertising and Deb Tomczak of Viera Realty. Call 321-223-2050.
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